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What is HiPAir Project?

HiPAir is a project co-funded by the European Commission through the Erasmus + Programme. The project aims to identify and reduce human resource management gaps in Aviation SMEs, focusing on High Performance Work Practices (HPWP). Initially, the project will seek to understand if the companies are acquainted with these practices and, if so, how they apply them in their daily work. By gathering in-depth knowledge about HPWPs with an accurate identification of the companies’ needs, HiPAir presents a set of tools that aim to help SMEs to become more competitive in a sector clearly dominated by large companies.


The adoption of these practices will be reflected in a significant improvement in corporate earnings and levels of satisfaction of its employees. Some of the improvements that HPWPs introduce in the companies are related to: productivity, innovation, cost effectiveness, sales performance, customer satisfaction and product quality. Regarding human resources, the application of HPWPs presents improvements in terms of: employee satisfaction, turnover, commitment, motivation, stress and performance. HPWPs are widely used in large companies, but their use is greatly reduced when it comes to SMEs. There are different reasons for this. The scarcity of resources, lack of leadership, difficulties of planning and inadequate management of human potential are some of those reasons.

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The HiPAir project is a strategic partnership co-funded by the European Commission through the Erasmus + Programme. The project began in September 2015 and brings together partners from Poland (coordinator), Portugal, Spain and Turkey, all of them interested in the development of new practices and work skills, especially for SMEs from the Aeronautics sector. HiPAir will develop and apply innovative approaches and tools to increase the training efficiency directed to the aeronautics industry. At the same time it will reduce the mismatch of skills in the aeronautics sector, especially the ones needed by SMEs managers, which will lead to a more efficient management of the workforce, also, project will develop the trainees’ soft skills in the aeronautics industry using innovative methods that require commitment and active participation in the learning and development training process.

More precisely, to encourage the adoption of high performance work practices (HPWP) in the workplace, HiPAir focuses on:

Promotion of business
best practices

Development of innovative
training materials

Foster collaboration promotion, partnerships
and networks among stakeholders

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