Here´s a little presentation of the project´s consortium



INNpuls limited company is a non-profit organisation with the aims to facilitate regional social and economic development through promoting entrepreneurship, innovation, technical training and co-operation between science and economy. The company actively supports emerging and operating clusters, it is a member of the Aviation Valley, acting as VET provider and partner responsible for development of VET according to the needs of the industry.  Since the very beginning INNpuls makes efforts to facilitate cross  sector cooperation, especially among aerospace, plastic and chemical sector.


The Aviation Valley Association was created in 2003 by a group of local entrepreneurs with the aim of making Podkarpackie, Poland, one of the leading aerospace regions in Europe. The principle tool for reaching this vision was to build a strong regional cluster allowing for better exploitation of regional potential. In this context, the Aviation Valley activities are aimed at supporting cluster development with the focus on enhanced communication mechanisms within the cluster as well as improved presentation to the outside world, most notably to potential investors.


QUASAR HUMAN CAPITAL is a human resources consulting company specialized in aeronautics, aerospace, naval and oil and gas industries composed by a team of professionals with wide experience in these markets and on specific needs of European companies at local and international level. QUASAR’s mission is to develop and deliver the best methodologies and solutions to attract, keep and develop specialized talent for these sectors. The methodologies used are based on years of practical experience and oriented to effective improvement of people and organization performance in order to achieve a superior level of satisfaction, engagement and competitive edge.


MentorTec is a Portuguese private company dedicated to support startups, business development and  training. We are the ideal business partner for anyone with a new business idea. Created in 1996, MentorTec is a start-up accelerator that acts from the fine-tuning of innovative business ideas to the acceleration of the business. As a spin-off, MentorTec offers a comprehensive portfolio of services extending from simple co-working solutions, tailored consultancy and training, capturing of funds and investments, to advisory services and networking opportunities at national and international level.


PEMAS is the Portuguese Aerospace Industry Association that acts nationally as the cluster management entity established as legal entity in 2006. It is active in cluster fostering activities since its foundation. PEMAS presents good indicators on support the growth of the aerospace industry in Portugal (from 8 members in 2006 to over 60 currently) and important establishments of several international cooperation programs and noticeable increase in Portuguese overall R&D program attendance. Although PEMAS is a private held non-profit association, without governmental participation, the defined strategies have been and are closely aligned with the national approach to European recommendations, National strategies (PEMAS is part of several National strategy advisory boards) and regional definitions for the sector. PEMAS is one of the founding cluster of the European Aerospace Cluster Partnership – EACP 


Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (UPM) is the oldest and largest technical university in Spain. It consists of twenty Schools plus two Faculties that cover most engineering disciplines as well as Architecture and Sports Science. UPM has more than 3,000 faculty members, around 38,000 undergraduate students, and around 8,000 graduate and doctoral students. About 5,000 students graduate every year. UPM is focused on higher education and research. UPM as a top quality academic establishment has a strong commitment to R&D and Innovation, boasting 217 Research Units and 19 Research Centres and Institutes, contributing significantly to the international scientific community with a high number of journal papers, conference communications, and PhD theses. UPM has a long tradition of collaboration with Industry (around 50% of its R&D funding) and participation in international R&D programs.


Since its foundation in January 2010, in Izmir – Turkey, Aerospace Clustering Association – ACA (Havacilik ve Uzay Kumelenmesi Dernegi) continues its progressive activities in supporting the Aerospace sector. During this five years period, ACA highly focused on the development of Turkish aerospace industry by working closely with SME’s, supporting their integration to aerospace related projects, supporting the efforts in training/ educating qualified technicians and technical experts and facilitating the projects to enhance technical/technological infrastructure; and reached 63 members overall, with 34 sector companies including SME’s. ACA pays a lot of importance to international relations with other European clusters and associations. Since 2011, being an active member of the European Aerospace Cluster Partnership – EACP, presently one of the most important cluster networks in Europe counting 34 clusters from 13 countries and designated as one of the strategic partnerships in EU; ACA is the leader of the EACP Working Group “Technology”.