The 1st International multiplier event in Rzeszow – Poland was a complete success. The HiPAir Project and the results of the Intellectual Output 1 were presented to the Aeronautic Industry, SMEs and Schools. In the end of the event managers and students expressed their satisfaction stating that HIPAIR’s main theme – HPWP High Performance Work practices – is very important in all organizations and that this Project will help companies to understand it and to apply these practices inside their own organization.


On the 28th April 2016, the Workshop of HiPAir project took place in Madrid, hosted by the
Spanish partner UPM-The School of Aeronautics and Aerospace Engineering (ETSIAE). The
event brought together 27 participants from 18 different Aeronautical companies and
Vet providers.
Objectives of the HiPAir project and the results of the Survey on the application of HPWP in
the European Aeronautical industry were presented to the audience. Attendances
participated also in a fruitful workshop about promoting best practices, training programs
and tools to assist the implementation of HPW. Two initiatives in particular roused great
acceptance among participants.

1) The foundation of an "Excellent Air-Workplaces Awards" program to reward aerospace
companies exemplary in the implementation of high performance work practices with a high
focus in their workers.

2) The development of tools that help companies in making decisions on the implementation
of high performance work practices based on their particular criteria and characteristics.

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