Global Training Aviation is based on 3 main Pillars:

  • GTA Team: All the company acts as a single seamless team with a common motivational element which is called “NO LIMITS” that boosts the individual professional development inside the company. GTA team is based upon communication, maximum employees’ involvement, full confidence on the qualification of the employees, and the employees’ capacity to contribute beyond his academic qualifications.
  • Personal & Direct Contact: One of the keys to success of Global Training Aviation is the personal and direct implication of all of its employees with the customers.
  • Excellence in Training: Global Training Aviation offers a more effective training through reinforcing the emotional and personal element of teaching. At the same time, GTA stands up for technological excellence.




The professional development of its staff is one of the company’s cornerstones. Discover here after some examples of FerroNATS’s human resources programmes aimed at its employees:

  • Career path: At FerroNATS there is a professional development path which enables its employees to know where they are and to focus their development on an area of interest within the company.
  • Individual Development Programmes that include training courses at the Ferrovial University, coaching sessions, mentoring programs, and work experience in other units.
  • FerroNATS Secondment Programs to promote the professional development of employees, enabling them to acquire new knowledge and skills, to create a teamwork culture among FerroNATS and its shareholders, to encourage knowledge exchange, to improve professional practices, and to foster networking.

Read the study case to discover the key elements in the success of FerroNATS’s.


Lest discover how one of the biggest airlines in the world makes “relationships” the corner stone of its HPWP strategy to generate extraordinary performance.

  1.  –  Southwest sees the quality of the relationship as the most essential success factor in order to set up a competitive advantage throughout good times and bad.
  2. –  Southwest makes a deliberate and conscious effort to hire people who are good at working in a team and are able to integrate smoothly with other members on a team.
  3. –  Southwest works hard at enhancing team building skills by giving employees training for relational competence.
  4. –  Southwest everyone’s job description is clear and specific and, at the same time, each employee is expected to “do whatever is needed to enhance the overall operation – even if that means helping out with a different type of job as required”.

The Case of Southwest Airlines is based on working united rather than in isolation, trying to find common objectives and synchronizing all the departments of the company. Shared goals are a foundation on which business relationships can be grounded. The fact every employee shares those goals regardless of the functional area in which they work, creates tremendous energy. It allows them to respond in a coordinated way whenever new challenges arise or new information becomes available. It also provides a context by which decisions can be made and information shared.


The national event organized in order to promote and disseminate the Hip Air project was attended by a nourished group of companies involved in different aspects related with the aviation sector. The main topic of the event was the introduction to the elaboration process of the Best Cases. The Best Cases were defined as success cases of HPWP implementation in different kind of enterprises related to the aviation sector. Each enterprise has different characteristics and organizational structure, but this fact has not represented a problem for a successful development of the practices and the obtaining of benefits. The meeting was very interesting and productive according to the companies´representative members presented in the meeting.
The results of the meeting and all the materials exposed will be send to the attending enterprises and the other ones that we think that could have a future interest. All of that, is important in order to have a continuous feedback with the attending companies and the potential customers for fitting better the HipAir training materials and information to the real nec