Golden Idea System is an initiative promoted by Fokker Elmo that aims to continuously improve all functions and involve all employees. The objectives of this specific human resource program are to humanize the workplace, to eliminate overly hard work and to teach people how to perform experiments at their working position by using the scientific method. Thus, the scientific fact must always be the baseline, and quality, efficiency and occupational safety must always be in the foreground. The system involves every employee in progress of change, providing immediate results.

The Golden Idea System of Fokker Elmo has brought benefits in different levels of the company. First, in general there are less waste and an increase in the level of satisfaction. Then, from the point of view of the employees there are considerable improvements in commitment, competitiveness, customer satisfaction and problem solving.


LEAP Project is a specific human resources program developed by FTB Lisi Aerospace. This program has a particularity: it is parallel to HPWP implementation and aims to involve employees to every application/step at all levels in the company. The project has different principles that lead its implementation and help understand how the different tools and projects come together in a global and coherent management system.

The “Lisi Excellence Achievement Program (LEAP)” is intended to:

  • Eliminate waste of rework or other recurrent situations.
  • Have progress-oriented attitude at work.
  • Put in place work standards produced by the process workers and then check and improve them.
  • Promote self-solving solutions and thinking.

The results of the program increased the production efficiency and as a consequence of that, the profit margin of the enterprise.

The LEAP project of FTB Lisi Aerospace has benefits that can be turned into positive attitudes of their employees. The staff will be able to question the preconceived ideas, correct the problems and consider them as a gift and a challenge. Finally, the employees will work on the idea that progress has no limit.


Would you like to know the benefits of HPWPs for a  labor-intensive aviation company, that works on shifts, responding to the different flows of the operation and the irregularities from an operation that is intended to be just in time?

Groundforce have made a tremendous effort to evolve, change culture, reduce space in a organization with significant geographic and functional dispersion, promote multifunctional communication channels, redefine new roles in the organization and to increase alignment and a sense of belonging.

Those efforts have brought outstanding benefits and outcomes, such as:

  • credibility and competence,
  • sustainability,
  • commitment and innovation,
  • know-how and expertise recognition by client airlines, certification bodies and international organizations
  • contracts (GHA) of significant duration and stability
  • certifications obtained by the company
  • employees better perception of the company, its directions, workflows, processes, procedures
  • employees more satisfied with working conditions.

All this being possible based on a highly qualified and continuous process of training, qualification and certification, aligned in first instance with the Integrated Management System, and downstream with Competency Model and Job descriptions .  Together with asset of

Internal Communication processes, instruments and applications and organizational development programs, such as:

  • APOIAR – Corporate Social Responsibility for employees and families,
  • APROXIMAR – creation of moments of internal communication that allow to strengthen the Company-Employees relationship and vice versa;
  • TRANSFORMAR – a program consisting of several sub-initiatives which aim t o achieve Change Management in the company, supported by new organizational roles: facilitator – mentor – coach;
  • VALORIZAR – Redefinition of the company Values matrix to achieve the need to “be closer” to “reach further” in a 360º methodology (top-down – bottom-up and inter-peer).

If you want to know how this remarkable outputs have been possible, keep reading the Groundforce study case.


MTU study case is a remarkable example of how to successfully integrate the different standards of attitude, work and values within a company, which came together with employees from other companies.

The key factors are:

  • recognize how company culture influences the business results,
  • focus on common values held by employees, such as healthy life style and team work
  • integrate employees through a collective activity and team work which has a positive influence on further business relationships
  • promote individual engagement and “team spirit”
  • make possible to connect private hobbies with working environment

The New MTU cooperate culture pivots on two main values:

  • collaboration – was a key element of the culture which indicated general willingness to build organization based on mutual help and trust.
  • healthy life style – was connected with a balanced work life, healthy food, and sport activities.

If you want to know how this remarkable outputs have been possible, keep reading the MTU  study case.