Portuguese National Multiplier Event

The 2nd Portuguese National multiplier event of the HiPAir project took place in Matosinhos, organized by MENTORTEC in partnership with EPROMAT – Vocational School of Matosinhos. The event was a good opportunity to present the project and to discuss about the importance of activating, valuing and retaining talent in companies. In addition to the presentation of the project and its latest developments, namely the good practices collected and the initial design of the training modules, the event aimed to present a set of methodologies, tools and concepts that value the development of competencies and activate the talents, not only in the companies of the aeronautical Sector, but also in any company that aims to grow taking the improvement of human resources and working conditions as their main focus.

The session had an active participation of the companies’ representatives, which had as a common point the concern of improving the results of their companies through concrete measures related to the human resources, their efficiency and their commitment to the company’s objectives.

In addition to the interest demonstrated during the project presentation, the participants stated in the evaluation questionnaires, that the project’s materials are interesting or very interesting. When asked if they would apply the project results to their own organizations, half of them answered positively. The reason for the other half of those present not being sure about the application of these materials in their companies is that these companies are not deeply connected with the aeronautical sector, which worried them, since the project’s materials at this stage are still very specific towards that sector.

When questioned about whether the practical cases presented are in fact good practices implemented by the companies in terms of high performance work practices, 91% of respondents said yes and only 9% answered that they didn’t know. Similar percentages were obtained when they were asked about the usefulness of the HiPAir results in the Aeronautical Sector and in other adjacent sectors. The respondents replied unanimously when asked if their expectations about the event had been fulfilled. All of them said to agree or to agree totally.

In conclusion, the participants generally recognize the important added-value of the project and have identified 5 strengths within the event and the content of HiPAir: methodologies and tools to apply in companies; network established among the participants; fflexibility of the good practices for future implementation in other areas or economic sectors; different ways to actively involve the employees in the companies’ decision processes; real perception of the impact, benefit, sustainability and transparency of the practices presented.


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