Spanish National Multiplier Event

On December 12, the 2nd National Multiplier Event took place in Madrid, organized by the Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Aeronáuticos (Politechnical University of Madrid). The event welcomed a broad range of participants from aeronautical organisations, human resource management, service and training providers, and companies involved in developing aeronautical systems.

The meeting started with an introduction on the content of the project, its objectives and main goals, and the current situation of HiPAir in Europe. It went on to present the best practices identified in previous stages and their areas of influence within companies. This was followed by a brief discussion, and as a follow up on one of the questions posed by the participants, it carried on to introducing the process of creating the best cases, including the methodology behind it. After the presentations, the more practical activities begun with the director of one of the best cases sharing his insights on HPWP, in order to connect the theoretical framework with real life examples.

The main take away for the participants was that HPWP are very company specific, and each one should choose the practices that better fit their needs and resources in order to improve their implementation. In other words, the selection of HPWP is one of the most crucial aspects of its success. Other interesting messages were that: the companies should be involved throughout all stages of the HiPAir project in order to get the most benefits from it; the best practices should be disseminated so more companies can be familiar with them; a training programme should be designed to take into account the identified needs and priorities; and the direct benefits of HPWP implementation should be identified in order to involve more enterprises in the process.


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