Turkish National Multiplier Event

On January 18, the 2nd National Multiplier Event took place in Turkey. The event welcomed 19 participants from various companies and universities, most of them related with the aviation sector. Since there were new attendees in the meeting, it started by summarizing the project’s previous phases. It then proceeded with the presentation of the best practices and best cases. The event included a discussion on the topics presented and ended with the satisfaction questionnaire. One of the highlights of the discussion, was the informative speech given by the General Manager of Fokker Elmo and his willingness to support the project throughout.

Participants recognized the added value of the project, but had mixed views on its specificities, with some stating that it lacks a tool for SMEs while others mentioned they could benefit more from learning about additional best cases. One of the companies present, Fokker Elmo, already implements HPWP in their workplace and its 2 representatives shared valuable insights from their personal experience with this type of practices. The mane take away from their previous experience with HPWP concerns employee engagement throughout the company as a crucial requirement for the success of these practices.

In general, the participants were interested in HPWP and acknowledge its need for better HR practices. The best cases presented were viewed as useful by the participants, in terms of giving them a better grasp of the concepts and how they apply in specific companies, if anything they requested for further cases to be presented in addition to the ones shown. One common problem to all participants was defining HPWP in one sentence, even after they understood its multiple possible combinations for their own organizations.


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