On February 21, the National Multiplier Event took place in Rzeszów, organized by the Aviation Valley Association. The event welcomed 27 participants from 18 companies, one university and one public institution, and was divided into 2 section: lectures and workshops.

The lectures were dedicated to the presentation and review of the best practices in High Performance Work Practices for competitive SMEs in Aviation Sector. The organizers focused on the prospects and trends in Human Resources for 2017 including the best cases as one of the most important inspiration for the managers, recruitment process, and changes in the way of communication inside the company as well as with potential employees, individual potential of a person employed and creation of multicultural teams. The participants also had a chance to work in groups through The Group Facilitation technique which was used to tackle the above challenges.

Beyond the interest demonstrated during the event, all the participants that took part in the evaluation questionnaires agreed that the HiPAir project’s motivation, objectives and activities were clearly presented. 40% of the interviewed participants were sure that their organizations may use, adapt or explore the project’s outcomes in their future activities. Almost all respondents agreed that the best cases presented during the event were effective in promoting the High Performance Work Practice and expected results could be useful to improve the aeronautic sector. 50% agreed when asked if their expectations about the event had been fulfilled.

There most important take-away from the event, according to the participants were: ideas to be used, information about the implemented project, examples of the best practices and their online availability with more details.


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